Beef & Lobster

Beef & Lobster

A unique gourmet offer


From the land, entrecôtes, braised tail raviole and Parmentier-style braised cheeks.
Beef tartare or carpaccio, stuffed or slow-cooked, it is surely the easiest way to see red with friends.


From the sea, shellfish, raw, cooked or grilled “shells”, in bisques or aromatic consommés, flavoured with port or lemon grass, and seasoned with fleur de sel or fennel jelly.

Classic Dishes

The Patio's "Classic Dishes" continue with the legacy of the Prato family's flagship dishes and are very popular with our regulars. Delicacies such as frog's legs, rack of lamb and cod steak are restyled each season to complement the Beef & Lobster concept on our menu.